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herc-on-the-go Herc Rentals app now available
for all Apple and Android tablets and smart phones.

Safety Training

Focused on you!

Safety First


Safe operation of our rental equipment is a top priority. SAFETY FIRST. SAFETY ALWAYS. We offer Equipment Safe Operation Training with top-notch instructors for many of the equipment categories we rent.

All courses include hands-on practical training and evaluation. Upon successful course completion, you’ll be issued a wallet card and certificate for the following operator certification courses:

  • Aerial (Scissor, Boom, Manually Propelled AWP)
  • Forklift Class I, IV, V
  • Dust Control?
  • Variable Reach & Straight Mast Forklift Class VII


? Training is available at your local branch or at your job site.

Call or click the button below to submit your training request.